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The House of Super started as a real estate investment and development company with allied businesses including consultancy, management, new ventures, business deals, exports and imports. Evolving with today’s demands for lifestyle-incorporated vacations the company developed a resort and positioned it to provide an integrated experience of comfort, luxury, business, recreation, spa, golf, adventure and so much more – promising a concept of leisure, re-defined. Most of the facilities have been developed and being run efficiently and some of the developments are in process. Hidden away from the rat race of the city the Super Resort it is strategically located with easy-accessibility from the National Highway from Gharo City.


The Super Resort was founded in 2009 under the umbrella of “The House of Super” with one mission: to create far more rewarding vacations, picnics and parties for the customers. The resort sets the standard under professional staff and the leadership of a seasoned management team. It is the commitment to quality that has made Super Resorts the most preeminent destination in the area. 


For so long synonymous with glamour, sophistication and impeccable service, the House of Super has developed itself well in the hospitality industry as well. It is the company’s unshakeable belief in simple elegance, peerless comfort and traditional hospitality that is showcased in the beautiful resort that it has developed. The resort gives a chance to people to own their own private chalets and farm houses with all the facilities around them but not limits itself there only but also lets people enjoy the facilities on rental and membership basis.  


Apart from the regular facilities and services many occasions are celebrated at the resort like basant, ghazal nights on sataurdays, kid shows, cultural shows, birthday parties and much more. It is an endless fun for the people who visit the resort on a regular basis.  

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