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Experience has taught what's important to the members and our customers —everything. So we tend to every detail, large and small, to make each vacation truly fun and carefree.


Feel at home in beautifully appointed, spacious residences in our chalets and farm houses with amenities such as private garden, gazebo, private pool, BBQ pit and access to all the facilities in the resort , lake and the island area.


Super Resorts members have discovered a far easier way to enjoy their vacations. Rather than being tied down to one or two vacation areas, they have access to a collection of stunning chalets and farm houses—that feel even better than home thanks to superior services and amenities. Leave the work to us and our dedicated Onsite Concierge will see to your every need, 24 hours a day. Our Onsite Concierge will see to every detail from your arrival, catering to your F&B and other requirements and up till running your late-night errands. Daily housekeeping keeps everything in perfect running order.


We believe that our Resorts membership should be designed around your lifestyle, not the other way around. We have a wide variety of memberships available for you as well as you also having the choice and flexibility to create a membership that is custom-designed just for you. Just call us to speak with our Membership department representative for details and pricing. Being a member entitles you to avail many more facilities than in our regular rental packages, so you are most welcome to visit us at our resort or office any time to avail this exclusive opportunity.

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