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Food and Bevera


Tuck Shop


A tuck shop is available as you enter our resort for our visitors and customers offering many snacks, biscuits, chips, nimcos, soft drinks, juices, mineral water, candies etc. An essential service which is required from time to time for people who may need to munch or feel hungry any time. Further items are also being introduced and increased on the request of our customers and we are open to your suggestions.


Café Aroma


Serving an impressive gourmet of continental and Pakistani cuisine that rivals the finest restaurants, Café Aroma is the place for you to treat family and friends. The Ala carte is regularly available while buffet dining, themed dinners, high tea are arranged on request. The restaurant also serves you food as per your choice and even in the lobby as per your requirement. Our Pakistani food is the delicacy and the mouth watering Bar B Que is at its best.


Room Service


Food from the restaurant and items from the Tuck Shop are also available to you through the room service. You may choose from our menu and order the food or other items as per your requirement.


Other services


Arrangements for parties


For our customers we also arrange parties, birthdays, weddings, picnics etc according to the requirements of our customers. We can handle as many people you want to bring in and whatever requirement you may have. We make our parties and picnics an exciting event to be remembered always.


Concerts & Events


Regular concerts and social events are organized in every quarter, where different musicians and comedians entertain our customers and guests along with a food mela. Such events can and are also arranged on the request of our customers as per their requirement. For large picnics and parties you may request us to arrange such shows for your entertainment.


Honeymoon Packages


For couples we also arrange complete packages under which they may enjoy a 3 days to a week stay where different activities and services will be made available and arranged for them. It will be a honeymoon to be remembered. If you have any special requests we will try our best to deliver and satisfy you.




Transportation is also arranged by us for our customers from buses, vans to private rented cars as per the requirement of our customers from Karachi up to our resort and back. The customer may choose the mode of transportations as per his / her choice and number of people.

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